7 best Bengali horror films you should watch.

7 popular Bengali horror films that should be on your watch list – watch these horror, supernatural and thrilling stories unfold.

Bengali cinema has always been praised and inspired many projects in other languages and commercial Bollywood as well. The regional cinema has also produced some great horror films which will haunt you for sure.

See these 7 best Bengali horror films.


1. Bhooter Bhabishyat (2012).

Directed by Anik Dutta this cult classic Bengali film tells the story of ghosts from different era making a mansion haunted.

2. Golpo Holeo Shotti (2014).

Birsa Dasgupta directed this supernatural thriller which shows a boy dealing with paranormal activities. The films features actress Mimi Chakraborty.

3. Kuheli (1971).

Another classic Bengali horror is directed by Tarun Majumdal and tells the story of a woman who starts experiencing supernatural activities in a mansion.

4. Shob Bhooturey (2017).

Another Birsa Dasgupta film follows a journalist who goes in a haunted village for investigation.

5. Chupkotha (2018).

Directed by Rick Basu, this film deals with a journalist who is on a quest to find a missing girl which leads him to a haunted town. The film stars actress Parno Mitra.

6. Bhoot Chaturdashi (2019).

As the title suggest, the film revolves around the Bengali puja of Bhoot Chaturdashi as a group of friends visit a haunted house just before the puja and it doesn’t go well.

7. Anath Babur Bhoy (2012).

Legendary film-maker Satyajit Ray also directed an anthology film of three short stories exploring horror and supernatural.

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