Watch Speak No Evil trailer – James McAvoy new horror movie.

James McAvoy wins fans with new psychological horror movie – Watch Speak No Evil trailer starring Mackenzie Davis, Aisling Franciosi and Alix West Lefler.

James McAvoy has fans excited for his upcoming horror-thriller titled Speak No Evil which is a remake of Danish film of same title released in 2022.

The film tells the story of an American couple with a daughter who befriends a British couple with a son on a vacation and accepts the invitation to spend the holiday weekend together. Upon arriving at the British couple’s house, the American family’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare.

Watch Speak No Evil trailer.

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James McAvoy along with Aisling Franciosi plays the British couple while Alix West Lefler and Mackenzie Davis portrays the American family.

McAvoy has already got fans hooked on the movie as the trailer of the movie is released now and the actor showcases some fine acting skills playing a psycho.