6 best Turkish horror movies you should watch.

Top Turkish horror movies which should be on your watch list – Debbe, Siccin, Baskin and more – movies about Jinn, supernatural, possession and more.

Turkish dramas have gained significant fan following in other Muslim and middle eastern and South Asian countries. Turkish films of horror genre is also something should be on your watch list.

Here are 6 Turkish horror movies you should watch.

WARNING – WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK – viewers discretion is advised.

Dabbe series.

Directed by Hasan Karacadag, Dabbe has been one of the most popular horro film franchise of Turkish cinema. The series have variety of films exploring various supernatural themes which engages audience.


Siccin is another Turkish horror film franchise by Alper Mestci. These films have explored the elements of dark rituals, curses, Jinn possessions and more. The films have also gained attention for it’s shocking visuals.


Released in 2015, Baskin is directed by Can Evrenol and gained much critical acclaim. The psychological horror tells the story of police officers who discovers a cult and falls into the underworld which turns into a nightware.


Musallat is a 2007 released supernatural Turkish horror film directed by Alper Mestci. The film explores the story of a young couple haunted by dark spirits of Turkish folklore.


Directed by Togan Gokbakar, Gen is a 2006 released psychological horror set in a mental institution and dives into the elements of supernatural and human psyche.


Semum was released in 2008. This Hasan Karacadag directorial tells the story of a woman possesed by a Jinn and added the elements of cultural and religious refrecences making it more interesting and haunting.

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