7 best Mexican horror movies you should watch.

Best and popular Mexican horror movies which should be on your watch list – Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone, The Similars and more.

Unfold the world of supernatural, dark fantasy and haunted forces with these Mexican horror movies.

1. Cronos (1993).

This Guillermo Del Toro directorial explores the dark fantasy world of vampires. The film went on to win much critical praises.

2. The Devil’s Backbone (2001).

Guillermo Del Toro once again entertained his fans with a story about ghosts set around Spanish Civil War.

3. Santa Sangre (1989).

This classic depicts the tales of insanity and trauma. It is directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky and featured actress Thelma Tixou.

4. We Are What We Are (2010).

Jorge Michel Grau directed this cannibalistic horror film which will haunt you for sure. The film featured actress Paulina Gałązka.

5. Here Comes the Devil (2012).

This Adrian Garcia Bogliano directed movie follows a couple who goes on a family trip but faces terrifying horrors when their children goes missing.

6. Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017).

Issa Lopez directed this horror film which dives into the lives of orphaned children in a city controlled by a cartel and haunted supernatural powers.

7. The Similars (2015).

Director Isaac Ezban gave us this psychological horror movie set in a bus station where a group of stranger is stuck because of storms and starts to unfold the horrifying activities.

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