5 best Russian horror movies you should watch.

5 popular Russian horror movies that should be on your watch list – from supernatural tales to fantasy and myths of mermaids.

Movie lovers has been a fan of Russian cinema, especially the horror genre as the Russians have produced some quality horror films which will haunt you for sure. From exploring the myths and fantasy tales to diving into the horrors of supernatural, these films have become a favorite of many.

See these 5 best Russian horror movies.

1. Night Watch.

Released in 2004, this Timur Bekmanbetov directed supenatural thriller tells the tale of a man who finds out that he is related to supernatural beings. The film gained much praises for it’s VFX.

2. Day Watch.

This 2006 movie is a sequel to Night Watch and cotninues the story in modern era where good and evil fight with stunning visuals on screen.

3. Viy.

In 1967, Konstantin Ershov and Georgiy Kropachyov directed this horror film which tells the story of a student who encounters a witch in a village. The film is based on Ukranian horror novel written by Nikolai Gogol.

4. The Bride.

Released in 2017 and directed by Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy, the movie follows a young woman who gets haunted by her fiance’s first wife’s ghost.

5. The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead.

Another Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy directed horror film released in 2018 is based on myth and fantasy tales on a mermaid.

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