5 things I hate about Indian TV shows

Indian TV shows are getting worse. The Saas-Bahu dramas are nothing but a headache now. The lack of stories, over acting and that f*cking loud music just makes you want to stab yourself. I’m not saying all the shows are bad, there are some new and old good shows which are managing to stick us to our TV sets. However, most of the time it’s a show that promises to be fresh and new, but ends up being the same annoying half an hour of bad acting and painful music.
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Here are five things I hate about Indian TV dramas :

1. Lack of story

Image Source :  Sath Nibhana Sathiya (Star Plus)

So you see the promos of a new show coming up, promising to be something fresh and new. You are too tired of watching the same old sh*t so you decide to watch it. It feels great for first couple of episodes and then it’s the same old thing. Introducing Vamps who has nothing to worry but about their make-up and how to torture the poor main character of the show. Don’t they have a f*cking life to worry about anything else? Feels like they don’t even know about the demonetization in the country. These shows promises to bring something new and show a woman more independent but then again she is caught up dealing with her annoying sister-in-law or typical saas, while her husband who you see for a second on the show is just standing there like a dumb. After spending half an hour and going through all the pain they just show two minutes of something important and the rest was just pain.

2. The Loud Music

Photo : Dostana (movie) 

Oh my God! I hate it, I totally hate it. There is no need of music in the background if your characters are not shaking legs on the TV screen, but that annoying loud music is always there. 70% of the time you hear no dialogues but just the annoying sound they call ‘background-score’ and close-ups of their faces. And it’s not the kind of music you can enjoy, it is a headache. It keeps going and going trying to make the audience grab onto their seats and get excited for what’s coming next. It is at it’s worst when there is some big secret is about to revealed. I hope you do remember the time when you come home after a long tired day and wants some peace, but you hear this loud music in your living room and you just want to kill yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt like to throw my TV set out of the window because of that annoying ‘sound’ not music.

3. Immortal Characters

Image Source : Ramanand Sagar’s Ramaayan

Yes, you read it right. All your TV characters are immortal. They don’t age, they don’t change and they don’t even die if you personally kill them. So there is this new trend where they introduces new characters like kids or grand kids of your main character but the problem is that main characters are still young only with spectacles and a few strands of grey hair. They still dress up like a new Indian bride. If you are not following up with the story going on in the show, you would call them all siblings instead of parents and kids. You see them die in an accident or killed by the Vamps, whom you hate but your husband finds them very sexy. You see them taking last breathe, a bullet going in their bodies but a couple of months later you see them alive because they managed to escape or survive or it’s just a simple re-birth.

4. The Maha (special) Episode

Image Source : Zee TV

If changing the schedule of these shows from five days a week (where they broadcast the same episode five times a day) to forever wasn’t enough for you, then here comes the maha episode its that one episode you wait for a month because something big is about to happen, which by the way is really nothing but revealing the name of a a bad guy in the show and I mean just the name, they won’t show the face and save it for next maha episode. And it’s not that special anymore, it’s a like a mandatory thing now where they must have a maha episode to show a grand event like shaadi or a the judgement day in the court. And if they have nothing going on in the show really, then they just put together something out of the blue that makes no sense like a party where some big stars comes to promote their movies.

5. The long awkward love scenes

Image Source : Zee TV

It gets awkward! If you are watching it with your wife or loved one, you may find it beautiful or just a moment where you wanna show your love too. However, if you are sitting next to your parents like me, well… I feel either thirsty or to make some call. I have no problem in watching Rachel’s nipples in Friends, or them using the sex word out and loud. I can survive some some woman in a two piece if I’m watching some Hollywood show and my parents are happen to be in the same room, but watching husband slowly moving his hand to catch the hand of the new bride in some Indian show with some never ending music in the background and no talk… yep! that makes me feel uncomfortable. These kind of long scenes are worse than watching some intimate scene in some English show which lasts about a few seconds. From watching the wife handing the towel to husband, giving him a glass of warm milk, or just seeing him shirtless and then looking away… boy! could it be any more annoying and awkward.

Oh and I just love when the characters take ‘Pratigya’ to do something in a limited time, right! 

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