6 most handsome villains of Bollywood.

Popular and most handsome villains of Bollywood films who overshadow the hero in terms of good looks as well.

Bollywood has produced some of the most iconic and larger than life villains with memorable catchphrases and style. From Gabbar to Mogambo these villains set the benchmark too high for any new villains as well.

Lately the villains of Bollywood are getting handsome and more stylish as well and we are not talking about heroes playing glorified anti-hero, but the actors who play a legit negative character now comes with six-pack abs and a style statement.

Here are 6 most handsome villains of Bollywood who shined on screen.

Sonu Sood.

Real life savior and a good guy, Sonu Sood, portrayed a villain in movies like Dabangg and R Rajkummar. The actor is known for his good looks and has played leading hero in many movies. But he shined as a villain.

sonu sood handsome villain bollywood

Arjun Rampal.

A model turned actor, Arjun Rampal, is among some of the most handsome men in Bollywood, who played a villain in movies like Shah Rukh Khan‘s Ra. One and Om Shanti Om.

arjun rampal handsome villain bollywood copy

Freddy Daruwala.

Freddy Daruwala is another handsome man who has gained popularity for his villainous roles in movies like Holiday : A Soldier is never off duty and Commando 2.

freddy daruwala handsome villain bollywood

John Abraham.

John Abraham, another model turned actor and then turned producer, made people love him as a thief in Dhoom and went on to appear as a villain in one of the biggest Bollywood blockbuster – Pathan.

john abraham handsome villain bollywood

Rahul Dev.

Before Bollywood villains actually started getting cautious of their body and style on screen, there was Rahu Dev, who defined the word ‘handsome hunk’ with his each appearance as a villain.

rahul dev handsome villain bollywood

Ronit Roy.

Ronit Roy is ranked among the actors who are aging like fine wine and getting more handsome with age. After playing hero and supporting role in his early career days in Bollywood and then having successful run in TV, the actor returned to big screen as a villain with movies like Udaan and Boss. The actor shined fight Akshay Kumar in Boss.

ronit roy handsome villain bollywood

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