9 most entertaining actors of Bollywood.

9 Bollywood actors who have entertained us the most with their many talents – Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan and more.

best most entertaining bollywood actor
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Here are 9 actors of Bollywood films who have entertained us the most whether it’s their acting skills, action scenes, comic timing or simply had your full attention while giving a speech or interview.


Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar has been working in Bollywood films for over three decades and gained popularity for his action movies. While there have been many actors known for the action roles including the original He-man of Bollywood – Dharmendra, Akshay Kumar’s action made audiences jaw drop. The actor then moved on to comedy films and then movies about social issues as well. While the new generation actors like Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jamwal are taking the action films of Bollywood to new heights, Akshay is the one who started it all and is still on top.
Akshay Kumar most entertaining bollywood actor


Amitabh Bachchan.

Amitabh Bachchan has been working in the Industry since 1969 and the legendary actor has become the inspiration and idol for many. From earning the tag of ‘Angry Young Man’ to showing his comic timing in many films as well as making audiences cry with some of his finest performances, this actor never failed to impress the audience.
Amitabh Bachchan most entertaining bollywood actor



Govinda probably holds the spot in top three entertainers of Bollywood. Known for his comedy movies, the actor has done various serious roles and action films in his early career as well, but comedy has been his best game. His ability to bring a character to life with various tricks of voice changing, mannerism, accents and so on has been surprising for many. The actor is also known for his dancing skills with expression which no other actor has yet been able to do.
Govinda most entertaining bollywood actor



Late Irrfan was one of the finest actors and a gem of not just Bollywood but Indian cinema. The actor has portrayed so many  variety of roles with such ease. While his serious acting roles have earned him many accolades, his comic timing and the hunger to do something new including collaboration with YouTube content creators like AIB for spoof videos shows how this brilliant actor can entertain his fans with no limits.
Irrfan most entertaining bollywood actor


Johnny Lever.

It has been said many times that filmmakers would cast Johnny Lever and ask him to do whatever he wants to bring humor in a film or character. There were times when there were no scripted scenes or dialogues and this brilliant artist would make something up and add his touch to a film. In the 90s and 2000s, it was very rare that a film didn’t have Johnny Lever in it and the man continues to entertain fans giving more unforgettable characters and performances.
Johnny Lever most entertaining bollywood actor


Kader Khan.

Kader Khan is one of the best artists in Indian cinematic history. While there can’t be enough words to describe his talent of acting and performing various roles ranging from negative, positive, comedy roles as well as character roles, he also earned much praise and accolades for his writing skills. His command over dialogue and comic timing couldn’t be matched by anyone.
Kader Khan most entertaining bollywood actor



Mehmood is one of the first few comedians who gained as much recognition as a top hero of his generation. It is said that many leading actors started getting afraid of being overshadowed with his performance in the film as well. Mehmood also gained much praise for some his serious work as well but earned a spot as one of the biggest comedy actor of Hindi cinema.
Mehmood most entertaining bollywood actor


Paresh Rawal.

Paresh Rawal is another fine actor of Bollywood who has entertained fans with her various roles ranging from negative to comedy. His transformation from being one of the best villains of 90s and 2000s to much loved Babu Rao, Ghunghro Seth, Gundiya Bhau and many more comedic character has shown how this fine actor is not bound to a certain kind of roles.
Paresh Rawal most entertaining bollywood actor


Shah Rukh Khan.

Last but not the least is the true global movie star of Indian film Industry – Shah Rukh Khan. While Khan is popular for his romantic movies and makes hima commercial actor, his acting abilities shown in movies like Swades, Chak De, My Name Is Khan and Devdas also earns him a place in some fine actors’ list. While SRK’s movies are entertaining enough, his witty nature, energy, sense of humor and the ability to give some of the best interviews, speeches and press conference only makes him more entertaining.
Shah Rukh Khan most entertaining bollywood actor
The above list was about only the best entertainers and not ‘best finest actors’ that’s why legendary names like Dilip Kumar, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri and many more were left out and deserves their own list.
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