14 Bollywood celebrities who are known for their friendship.

Bollywood actors and actresses who are best friends for life – Indian celebs who defined true friendship.

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While many young Bollywood stars use #BFF on social media to define their bond with their co-stars and friends, there are many really define the term ‘Best Friends Forever’ as fans have seen their friendship grow over the years. Here are 14 Bollywood celebs who are the best examples of great friendship.


Anupam Kher – Satish Kaushik.

These two gems of Bollywood has been friends for over 45 years. While Satis Kaushik has recently passed away their friendship is going to live on forever.
Anupam Kher - Satish Kaushik bollywood best friends


Irrfan – Tighmanshu Dhulia.

Tighmanshu Dhulia aka Ramadhir Singh from Gangs Of Wasseypur was junior to Irrfan Khan in National School Of Drama. The duo became friends and their bond over the year became popular among fans as well. While Tighmanshu Dhulia in one of  his interviews said Irrfan is his only and best friend, the later also wished if he could just have Tighmanshu live in his house forever.
Irrfan - Tighmanshu Dhulia bollywood best friends


Naseeruddin Shah – Om Puri.

These two legends, gems and finest actors fo Indian cinema has been friends since their days in NSD. Always admiring each other’s work as well as working in a few film together, the duo has set high goals of friendship.
Naseeruddin Shah - Om Puri bollywood best friends


Salman Khan – Sajid Nadiadwala.

Film producer and director, Sajid Nadiadwala’s friendship with Salman Khan has also been known in Bollywood. The producer is behind some of Salman Khan’s biggest hits like Judwa to Kick. The duo share a great bond and never forgets to mention each other in their interviews when talking about best friends.
Salman Khan - Sajid Nadiadwala bollywood best friends


Shah Rukh Khan – Juhi.

While netizens realize their bond between Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi when the actress came forward to King Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s drug care, the duo has been friends every since they started working together. Juhi, her husband Jay Mehta and SRK also owned KKR together.
Shah Rukh Khan - Juhi bollywood best friends


Shah Rukh Khan – Karan Johar.

Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar’s friendship is one of the first few in Bollywood which became popular with them constantly working together as well as sharing great bond with each other. From big commercial hits like KKHH and KKKG to critically acclaim My Name Is Khan, Karan has been a big part of SRK’s success. Fun fact – Karan Johar also has a big picturre of SRK and Gauri in his office as he considers them a family and big brother.
Shah Rukh Khan - Karan Johar bollywood best friends


Tabu – Ajay Devgan.

While Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan has been epitome of on-screen bonding and chemistry, Tabu and Ajay definitely gets the trophy for off screen bonding. The duo has been together since their school-college days. Working together in various films over the years, the duo definitely understand each other very well.
Tabu - Ajay Devgan bollywood best friends
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