Why I don’t watch Bollywood award shows anymore? Are they real or fake? Why non-deserving people win over deserving ones?

Bollywood awards seems to have lost their credibility and respect – sometimes even I question if these award shows are real or it’s just a glamorous event to get TRP and make money?

bollywood award shows are real or fake?
It’s award season! Every now and then you will see a 3-4 hour long glamorous event on your TV on some weekend, but do these award shows really honor the best work or is it just a medium to gain TRP and make money?
sooraj pancholi won over vicky kaushal filmfare award
Sooraj Pancholi (left) won award for Hero, Vicky Kaushal wasn’t even nominated for Masaan.
Many actors and other artists in the show business have given statements about these award shows and how it’s all scripted, how actors buy the awards, how these award shows are shot rather than what we see on our TV. 
I stopped watching award shows since Shah Rukh Khan stopped hosting these events and then Maniesh Paul and Karan Johar also were replaced by trending new comers or Salman Khan. But that’s just a personal preference that I didn’t like the hosting of Salman Khan or any new comer.
The main reason why these award shows have lost their credibility is how every year someone less deserving seems to beat a more deserving artist. And to make everyone happy, the award shows also made the concept of critics VS popular category where ‘critics’ is for someone who actually deserves an award for their work and ‘popular’ is for those who made numbers at box-office or is just popular with audience. But that also seems fair at some point; at least they do recognize the real talent under critics category.
ananya panday fresh face award - bollywood ridiculous award show
Ananya Panday winning Fresh Face Of The Year award at Star Screen Awards 2019.
But what are these awards – fresh face, most promising, entertaininer of the year, best couple, special jury award, style icon, global icon, most fit and the latest ‘Baat Nayi’ award. These awards just seems to be there so that the stars can make an appearance at the show. The news of stars, who only win or have been paid to do dance performance come to award shows, has also made rounds on internet.
It seems, these award shows make up awards based on who is coming to the show. Remember the time when Parineeti Chopra won the award for loosing weight? Yeah that was like the end of these Bollywodo award shows loosing their credibility. 

And last but not the least, now they add drama in award shows. Some host would make a joke or say something and some celebrity in the audience will react to it, get offended by it. Sometimes it does seem like a real thing going on, like when Ashutosh Gowarikar raised the question on the standards of the award shows, while 99% of the time it’s just a scripted event that is used to promote the award show or make the audience stick to their TVs while they cut to show advertisements.