5 Bollywood directors who make ‘beautiful’ films – who is your favorite?.


5 Indian directors whose film’s each frame is a piece of art and has gained much recognition for their film making skills. photo : youtube Here are 5 directors who make some of the most spectacular and beautiful films and truly showing what cinema is. The list is based on directors who seems to have … Read more

Top 5 directors who made actors give their best performance of their career.

best indian directo actor duo

5 Indian directors who lifted and boosted the actor/actresses career by having them show their best acting skills. photo : pinterest   For a good movie the major credit goes to the actors and directors along with numerous people working behind the scenes. A good director is known to make the most out of an … Read more

Panipat trailer : reviews and funny memes | Sanjya Dutt, Arjun Kapoor and Kriti Sanon. starrer fails to impress

panipat funny memes full review sanjay dutt252C kriti sanon252C arjun kapoor

Panipat trailer : twitter reviews with funny memes. Sanjya Dutt gets praised and Arjun Kapoor fails to impress audience, Kriti Sanon seems decent. Panipat movie trailer reviews and funny memes | photo : youtube The trailer of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Panipat just released and it is getting mixed response. Featuring Sanjay Dutt as Ahmad Shah Abdali, … Read more