5 best Bollywood tribute songs.

best bollywood tribute song

Best Bollywood tribute songs where new generation remembered the classic legends, films and the music. 1 – Dhum Tana – Om Shanti Om. Dhum Tana not just reminded us about the musical compositions of the classic era but SRK’s VFX team set the bar of VFX so high with merging of classic actors with Deepika … Read more

First Indian movie with sound.

alam ara first indian movie with sound

Watch First Indian movie with sound – Alam Ara (1930). Alam Ara Cast: Master Vithal Zubeida Alam Ara Music: Firozshah Mistry B. Irani The advent of sound in cinema marked a revolutionary turning point in the history of filmmaking worldwide. In India, this technological leap had its momentous debut with the release of “Alam Ara,” … Read more

11 best melodious intro music in Bollywood songs.

bollywood best intro melody song

11 Bollywood songs which starts with best melodious intro – Tere Liye, Zara Zara, Guzaarish. photo : youtube Bollywood songs are known for their melody and that’s what makes them eternally loved and remembered by listeners. While the new remix and remake trends seems to to be disappointing many and doesn’t have the effect the … Read more

List of Indian female lyricists/song writers.

indian female lyricist song writer

Indian Bollywood female song writers who penned beautiful, popular and chartbusting songs. photo : instagram/kausarmunir Indian female lyricist/song writer list: Kausar Munir. Sneha Khanwalkar. Abhiruchi Chand Anvita Dutt. Maya Govind. Priya Saraiya. Rashmi Singh. Amrita Pritam. Thamarai. Anu Elizabeth Jose. Shreshta. Parvathy. Samira Koppikar. Hema Sardesai. Palak Mucchal. Sona Mohapatra. Hard Kaur. Shweta Subram. Neha … Read more

Top 7 film albums of Nadeem-Shravan.

nadeem shravan best songs

Nadeem-Shravan’s best and popular film songs/albums which defined their music and earned them several awards and love of fans. photo : Tips official   Nadeem-Shravan, the duo, has been one of the most successful, loved and popular music directors of Bollywood.  From 1977 to 2017, the duo gave music in hundreds of films and some … Read more

5 world wide popular Indian songs – Bollywood songs which are most popular.

most popular bollywood songs

These are the 5 Indian songs which are popular all over the world and received awards and recognition as well. Most popular Bollywood songs Bollywood is a lot about music and songs and Indian music has been fascination many artists abroad as well. Here we are listing 5 Indian and Bollywood songs which made much … Read more