Dabangg 3 Review : these funny memes tell how bad this Salman Khan film is, netizens express their thoughts on twitter.

Funny memes of Dabanng 3, calling it another bad film of Salman Khan are trending on twitter – Salman, Sonakshi and Saiee starrer fails to impress non-Salman fans.

dabangg 3 funny meme review - sonakshi and saiee with Salman Khan
Dabangg 3 bad reviews with funny memes

Dabangg 3 is out now and like many would have expect it’s another Salman Khan show. Full of over the top action, songs and introducing another new face in Bollywood, this Salman Khan film is another commercial masala film for Salman Khan fans.

However, the film fails to impress non-Salman fans and they are taking over twitter to share funny memes to troll the film and express their thoughts about the third Installment of Dabangg. While some tweets are just funny, netizens also sharing photos of empty theaters after the interval of the film. 
The only good things seems to be about Dabangg 3 is Kiccha Sudeep as Bali Singh, who emerges as the best villain in Dabangg franchise.
Here are the funny memes and tweets about Dabangg 3

Exclusive #Dabangg3Review
.#BobbyBhai :- Laashien Returns

😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅@BeingSalmanKhan @PDdancing pic.twitter.com/4WiiGVvd0b

— अज्जू ✨ (@Itz_Ajju) December 20, 2019

Empty theatres 😱😂😂😂😂
Only thing which is good in #Dabangg3 is interval when you get to see #GoodNewwz trailer 😍❤️#Dabangg3Review pic.twitter.com/qAhtwLFFgV

— Amol Khiladi 😇 (@Khiladi_desi) December 20, 2019


1. Neutral audience after watching Dabangg3

2. Die hard Bhai fans after watching Dabangg3 pic.twitter.com/clLDFcFozT

— Abhi! (@abhiraj1717) December 20, 2019

Audience reaction after watching #Dabangg3 :#Dabangg3Review pic.twitter.com/9NEmBBeBNH

— Rahul Kr. Sr. (@BiharKaLal) December 20, 2019

The Best Of The Movie Is Interval 😷😂#Dabangg3Review pic.twitter.com/Pd4PgIy5Vn

— R⎊MEO👑 (@Akshays_Storm) December 20, 2019

Peoples are so bored at the screening that they started playing pubg,most ppls are either sleeping or using mobile #Dabangg3Review pic.twitter.com/Hcl4mKE8mA

— बच्चन यादव (@mannkakhiladi) December 19, 2019

Watched #Dabangg3
Pic 1 – Before Movie Start (85% occupancy)
Pic2- Before Climax (10% occupancy)
Illogical Fight Scene . Salman Spewing Fire From his Mouth. LOL
What kind of Film are Salman Khan Making Nowadays? D1> D2> D3
1.5*/5. #Dabangg3Review pic.twitter.com/FbCcwB02nT

— Sandeep Pathak💫 (@PathakAKDevotee) December 20, 2019

UAE Public after watching 10 mins of #Dabangg3 💩😭😭😭#Dabangg3Review #Dabangg3Reviews pic.twitter.com/psC6LzbQfU

— Amol Khiladi 😇 (@Khiladi_desi) December 19, 2019


One of The Best SALMAN fan Daniel Watched The #Dabangg3 Movie And has been hospitalized ..
Pray For Him 🙏 pic.twitter.com/N9TWPTUnxE

— Sandeep Pathak💫 (@PathakAKDevotee) December 20, 2019

Watched #Dabangg3 too lengthy unnecessary song in unsuitable place mve having action BT all actions r in slow motion nd u want to sleep in b/w those action sequences
One slmn fan saying that slmn bo@bs is more sexier crazy then his actions 😢
D1>D2>>>>>D3#Dabangg3Review pic.twitter.com/RJl6Ioqox9

— AdItYA (@Let_me_alon) December 20, 2019