Bollywood actress who charged 1 Rupee for a film – find out who?

Did you know Meena Kumar charged 1 rupee for a lead role in this movie Pakeezah which became her last film as well.

meena kumar pakeezah fee facts
Photo : Youtube/Shemaroo Filmi Gaane


Kamal Amrohi’s Pakeezah starring Meena Kumari has earned a classic legendary status over the years for various reasons. But did you know for this popular film, the leading actress Kumari charged only 1 Rupee to sign the film? At the time of conception and casting of the film, Meena Kumar and Kamal Amrohi were married and it was a tribute film from Amrohi to Kumari.


Featuring Raaj Kumar and Ashok Kumar, the film has gained much popularity and critical acclaim over the years, sadly Kumari died one month after the release of the film and couldn’t see the true impact and success of the best film of her career.
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