5 interesting facts about Sadhana Shivdasani – Bollywood’s one of the most stylish and beautiful actress..

Interesting facts about Bollywood’s one of the most beautiful and stylish actress Sadhana – known for Mera Saya, Mere Mehboob, Woh Kaun Thi and more.

actress sadhana facts
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Here are some interesting facts about Arzoo and Waqt actress Sadhana Shivdasani:

Mera Saya actress was very brilliant in academics and while she didn’t go to school in early childhood days, she did receive elementary education from her mother at home and later was directly enrolled in 5th standard in school.
Sadhana’s fringe hairstyle was inspired from Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn and it was director R. K. Nayyar who asked the hair stylist to give actress Audrey Hepbrun cut to cover her wide forehead. Later it became one of the most iconic hairstyles of Bollywood and was called ‘Sadhana cut’.
Artist in Bollywood industry often call their close friends and colleagues with nick-names and Mere Mehboob actor Rajendra Kumar used to address Sadhna as ‘Papa’.
Sadhana fell in love with her fist hindi film director R. K Nayyar. However the actress was too young at the moment and had family responsibilities so the two never took their relationship further. Later in life the director proposed Sadhana and the duo got married.
Like a few Bollywood stars, Sadhana also had the strict rule of not working on Sundays, but she broke the rule for Rajendra Kumar.
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