Nana Patekar’s iconic scene from ‘Kravtiveer’ was not in the script – find out more.

Nana Patekar revealed in a recent interview that his iconic ‘Aa Gaye Meri Maut Ka Tamasha Dekhne’ scene from Krantiveer movie was unscripted.

Nana Patekar is one of the finest artists of Indian cinema and his popular monologue in Krantiveer movie’s climax scene has been an iconic one. However the interesting fact is that, this long dialogue scene was unscripted and Nana Patekar did it all by himself on the spot.

In a recent interview with Sarabh Dwiwedi for Guest In The Newsroom on Lallantop, the actor revealed that he was in the hospital because of chest pain before this iconic scene was shot. The climax scene was scheduled to be shot in seven days but Patekar got out of the hospital and reached on the sets of Krantiveer and delivered this powerful scene. He performed the whole monologue by himself and when he ran out of words, you can see him grabbing the face mask from the man to get ready for the execution.

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