Pirates of Caribbean : Dead men tell no tales (5 things you should know about)

Your favorite pirate Jack Sparrow is back with the fifth installment of one of the most popular movie franchise The Pirates of Caribbean. The fifth sequel is titled is ‘Dead men tell no tales’, However watching the trailer it seems the the movie has a lot to tell.
Photo : Disney

Here are 5 things you show know about this sequel :

  1. The movie was shot in Australia, after the Australian government offered $20 million of tax incentives.
  2. Reportedly Johnny Depp was paid $90 million for the role of Jack Sparrow.
  3. To prevent fans from interfering in the making of the movie, it was shot in a secret location and used the name ‘Herschel’ instead of the original title.
  4. All the crew and cast members were told to cover the camera of their mobile phones with duct tape to avoid any kind of piracy of the movie before it’s release.
  5. In some countries the movie would be released under the title ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge’.