Poonam Pandey’s best performance yet in The Journey Of Karma – watch Full trailer.

Watch Poonam Pandey’s another bold performance in The Journey Of Karma

The Journey Of Karma - Poonam Pandey - scene and pics
The Journey Of Karma – Poonam Pandey | Img credit : Youtube

Poonam Pandey is back with another Bollywood Film titled The Journey Of Karma. The film features Poonam Pandey and Shakti Kapoor in lead roles. 

The film tells the story of a financially poor girl (played by Poonam Pandey) who stays with her mother and wants to pursue her dreams and a career in I. T. Engineering. She wants to go to America to study, but couldn’t because of her financial conditions and faces a lot of problems. What she does next or how she fights back with her troubles, we will find out when the movie releases on Oct 26.
scene and pics of Poonam Pandey in The Journey Of Karma
Poonam Pandey in The Journey Of Karma | Img credit : youtube

The trailer of the film is filled with a lot of bold scenes which is not surprising knowing Poonam Pandey is playing the lead. The trailer also features some good emotional scenes where Poonam definitely seems to doing a better job than her last films. 

Watch the trailer of Poonam Pandey’s The Journey Of Karma.

Poonam Pandey was last seen in a bollywood film in 2017 when she appeared in an item song with Govinda in Main tera Hero. A couple of weeks back the 27 year old actress and model shared some behind the scenes photos of an action film, which is a great news for all fans of this social media star to see her in more movies and hopefully more music videos.
With the release of The Journey Of Karma, Poonam Pandey surely seems to be growing as an actress. The actress and model always seems to be a topic of a controversy too, lets see what controversy this film makes. The film is produced by Jagbir Dahiya and releases on Oct. 26 2018.

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