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Sholay – one of the best Indian films you should watch – movie facts, trivia, cast, box office and more.

Sholay best bollywood film
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You are probably living under a rock if you haven’t watched or heard of the Bollywood’s one of the biggest blockbuster film Sholay. While as per reports, Sholay didn’t do very well when it was released, it certainly became a legendary film over the years. From a single dialogue characters to animals used in the film, audience remembers them all proving how iconic and memorable this Indian film has become.

Written by the legendary duo Salim-Javed (Javed Akhat and Salim Khan), the film featured a huge cast and told the story of a man seeking revenge for the massacre of his family with the help of two young men. The film also features one of the most iconic villains of Bollywood – Gabbar Singh.

Facts about Sholay movie:

  • Remember Sambha’s dialogue “Pure 50 Hazaar’? the character and dialogue wasn’t in the original screenplay of the film, but it was later added.
  • After the film didn’t do well in the first week, Salim-Javed gave a full page advertisement in the newspaper announcing that the film will earn 1 crore in each territory of India, while every one laugher at first, the film did 3 crores in each territory.
  • The name of the villain in the movie actually comes from a real dacoit named Gabbar.
  • Dharmendra was an established superstar during the casting of Sholay, while Amitabh wasn’t so established.
  • Salim-Javed became the most expensive writers of their time thanks to their back to back blockbusters.
  • For the shooting of Sholay a real villagee including the bridge shown in the climax of the film was built from scratch in Bangalore.
Made under the budget of 3 crore Sholay’s box collection was 35 crores.

Sholay movie cast:

  • Dharmendra
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • Hema Malini
  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Jaya Bhaduri
  • Iftekhar
  • Amjad Khan
  • Satyen Kappu
  • A. K. Hangal
  • Sachin Pilgaonkar
  • Jagdeep
  • Leela Mishra
  • Asrani
  • Keshto Mukherjee
  • Mac Mohan
  • Viju Khote
  • Vikas Anand
  • Helen
  • Jalal Agha
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