4th of Top 100 Bollywood films you should watch.

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Sholay – one of the best Indian films you should watch – movie facts, trivia, cast, box office and more. photo : pinterest   Highlights: Sholay full movie. Sholay movie facts. Sholay best dialogues. You are probably living under a rock if you haven’t watched or heard of the Bollywood’s one of the biggest blockbuster … Read more

5 most memorable villains in Bollywood movies – Best villains of Bollywood.

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Top 5 villains of Bollywood who became memorable and legendary for their unique style, dialogue delivery and performance. 5 best villains of Bollywood who became legendary Bollywood films are nothing without a villain because most Bollywood commercial films have told a stories about the a lead hero taking a revenge (specially in 80s and 90s). … Read more

Top 10 best Khans of Bollywood – No. 1 will surprise you.

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Top 10 Khans of Bollywood – Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir, Saif and more.. who is the best Khan in Bollywood based on talent, influence and popularity? Who is the best Khan in Bollywood? Someone once said that Bollywood is ruled by Khans, Kapoors and Kumars… and counting the number of Khans who have achieved success, stardom … Read more

10 most popular dialogues of Bollywood – Indian film’s best dialogues (Part 1).

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10 best and most popular dialogues of Bollywood films that everyone remembers – Who wrote these dialogues? Popular Bollywood dialogues | photo : YouTube Bollywood is much depended on good dialogues. There have been films which became popular and did great business because their dialogues were the best part. Even though the actor’s dialogue delivery … Read more