Bollywood is incomplete without these 20 dialogues.

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Bollywood best iconic dialogues. 1. Pushpa, I hate Tears – Rajesh Khanna. 2. Mere Paas Maa Hai – Shashi Kapoor. 3. Bade Bade Deshon Mein Aisi Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti hai – Shah Rukh Khan. 4. Tareekh Pe Tareekh! Tareek Pe Tareekh! – Sunny Deol. 5. Khamosh! – Shatrughan Sinha. 6. Kuttey! Kaminey! Main … Read more

5 most memorable villains in Bollywood movies – Best villains of Bollywood.

best villains of bollywood gabbar mogambo shakaal

Top 5 villains of Bollywood who became memorable and legendary for their unique style, dialogue delivery and performance. 5 best villains of Bollywood who became legendary Bollywood films are nothing without a villain because most Bollywood commercial films have told a stories about the a lead hero taking a revenge (specially in 80s and 90s). … Read more

10 best and memorable voice over work by Bollywood stars in animated movies.

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10 Bollywood stars who gave their voices to characters in animated films and made it memorable with their style – best voice over artists in Bollywood. Best voice artists in Bollywood | photo : pinterest, youtube Voice Over work has been getting much appreciation and recognition since animated movies are breaking records all over the … Read more

Indian actors who are beyond any award or box office success – Male list

real best bollywood actors naseeruddin shah irrfan khan pankaj tripathi

List of best Indian/Bollywood actors, whose work is beyond any award or box office collection – best true real actors of indian cinema. List of real best Indian actors | photo : pinterest Bollywood has always faced criticism for its illogical films and larger than life heroes and stories. But constantly many filmmakers and actors … Read more

10 most popular dialogues of Bollywood – Indian film’s best dialogues (Part 1).

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10 best and most popular dialogues of Bollywood films that everyone remembers – Who wrote these dialogues? Popular Bollywood dialogues | photo : YouTube Bollywood is much depended on good dialogues. There have been films which became popular and did great business because their dialogues were the best part. Even though the actor’s dialogue delivery … Read more