7 best films of Emraan Hashmi you should watch.

best films of emraan hashmi

Here is a list of 7 best films of Emraan Hashmi which you should watch. From most popular films like Murder to more critically acclaimed performance in Shanghai. Murder (2004) This thriller marked Emraan Hashmi’s debut as a lead actor and gained him significant attention for his performance. While the movie and it’s leading lady … Read more

5 most memorable villains in Bollywood movies – Best villains of Bollywood.

best villains of bollywood gabbar mogambo shakaal

Top 5 villains of Bollywood who became memorable and legendary for their unique style, dialogue delivery and performance. 5 best villains of Bollywood who became legendary Bollywood films are nothing without a villain because most Bollywood commercial films have told a stories about the a lead hero taking a revenge (specially in 80s and 90s). … Read more