10 best and memorable voice over work by Bollywood stars in animated movies.

10 Bollywood stars who gave their voices to characters in animated films and made it memorable with their style – best voice over artists in Bollywood.

bollywood actors voice in animated films best voice over artists
Best voice artists in Bollywood | photo : pinterest, youtube
Voice Over work has been getting much appreciation and recognition since animated movies are breaking records all over the world. While Hollywood still excels in animated films and many Hollywood’s top actors and actresses have given their voices to many memorable characters on screen, Bollywood has done some good work which is unforgettable for the fans as well.
It’s not just about reciting dialogues for an animated character on screen, but to know that character and make it stand out with your voice and style. While some actors have skills to do different voices, many actors have been selected and appreciated for their unique style and voice quality as well.
Here are 10 Bollywood actors who made a character memorable with their voice over skills. Also this is not the list of Best voice over artists in Bollywood, so fans of Rajesh Khattar don’t be disappointed because he deserves a separate list for his great work.

Asrani Senapati as Senapati in Jumbo.

Asrani as Senapati's voice in Jumbo

Amrish Puri Ravana – The Legend Of Rama.

amrish puri as ravana's voice in ramayana

Govinda as Bajrangi Delhi Safari.

Govinda as Barangi's voice in Delhi Safari

Javed Jaffrey as Charlie Anna Roadside Romeo

Javed Jaffrey as Charlie Anna's voice in Roadside Romeo best voice over artist in bollywood

Vidya Balan as Draupadi in Mahabharta.

Vidya Balan as draupadi's voice in mahabharta

Prem Chopra as Kalia in Delhi Safari.

Prem Chopra as Kalia's voice in Delhi Safari

Sanjay Mishra as Marela in Delhi Safari.

Sanjay Mishra as Marela's voice in Delhi Safari

Saurabh Shukla as Kesari in Hanuman Da Damdar.

Saurabh Shukha as Kesari's voice in Hanuman Da Damdar

Saif Ali Khan as Romeo in Roadside Romeo.

Saif Ali Khan as Romeo's voice

Suresh Menon as Interval in Roadside Romeo

Suresh Menon bollywood voice artist in Roadside romeo