Top 10 most watched movie trailers on YouTube.

Avengers and ZERO makes into the list of most watched movie trailers on YouTube.

10 most watched and popular film trailers on YouTube
10 most watched and popular film trailers on YouTube | photo : Marvel and Red Chillies Ent.

Everyday a new movie trailer comes out. Some are most anticipated, some create most buzz while some make a lot of controversies as well. For whatever reason you watch the trailer suggested to you by YouTube or your friend, the video’s view counts increase. And now most people do see view counts of a video as a sign of how good or bad the trailer would be before they click on it, right? Sometimes even giant filmmakers and Youtube channels use clickbait techniques to get more views. Even people with great content sometimes rely on controversial or catchy title for the video or a clickbait thumbnail photo. Many factors comes in that increases the views of a video, so here were have 10 most watched movie trailers on YouTube.

10 ) Tiger Zinda Hai – 89 millions.

Tiger Zinda Hai is the sequel of the film Ek Tha Tiger. The film features Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in lead. It was one of the most anticipated movie of Salman Khan and the movie did good at the box office as well.

9 ) Kama Sutra : A Tale of Love – 91 millions.

It’s an historical romance film that features Indian actress Rekha, Indira Verma and Naveed Andrews.

8 ) Avengers : Infinity War  (trailer 2) – 91 millions.

Avengers : Infinity War was one of the most awaited superhero film. The film’s trailer broke all record and the second trailer of the film also landed on the 9th spot on this list.

7 ) Fifty Shades of Grey – 91 millions.

Fifty Shades Of Grey became a sensation when the novels came out and when the film adaptation of the novels were announced everyone got excited. Even though the movies didn’t do much justice to the novels, the trailer of the film did get much hyped getting 91 million all time views. 

6 ) Bahubali 2 : The Counclusion – 100 millions.

Bahubali is India’s one of the highest grossing and expensive films ever made. The film mainly features South Indian artists and team. Leaving a cliffhanger in the first part of the film that bothered the whole nation, when the trailer of the sequel of the film came out. It was suppose to broke all record and it did . 

5 ) Star Wars : The Force Awakens – 102 millions.

Star Wars has a cult fan following. When the trailer of Star Wars : The Force Awakens came out in
2015 it did catch interest of people who weren’t even fans of the franchise.

4 ) Thugs of Hindostan – 105 millions.

Thugs Of Hindostan was another big project of Indian cinema in which two great actors – Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan, worked together. The film created much buzz and the trailer got huge number of views. The film on the other hand turned out to be a disappointed and one of the biggest failure in Bollywood.

3 ) ZERO – 118 millions.

Third most watched movie trailer is again from India, and it’s the film of Badshah Of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. ZERO was SRK’s biggest project to take Bollywood to new level. However the writers couldn’t weave a great story with 3 amazing individual characters in the movie. The movie didn’t do well at the box office but actors received much praises for their performance. It is surely Shah Rukh Khan’s one of the best performances and same goes for Katrina Kaif.

2 ) Sing – 134 millions.

Sing is an animated comedy musical drama film. It has big names like Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson associated with it so the trailed really had to be viewed by many fans. The movie did amazing at the box office and got positive reviews.

1 ) Avengers : Infinity War – 219 millions.

No. 1 spot goes to the biggest superhero film made yet – Avengers : Infinity War. With 219 million views the trailer of the film seems to be securing the spot of most watched trailer for itself for a long time.