Watch full trailer of Hina Khan’s Hacked – the trailer scares you making you rethink about what you should share on internet.

The trailer of Hina Khan’s much awaited film, Hacked, is out now – Directed by Vikram Bhatt, the film looks promising and Hina Khan looks amazing raising heat in steamy scenes too.

hina khan hacked full trailer intimate scenes
Hina Khan – Hacked full trailer | photo : youtube

Hina Khan is set to entertain or should I say scare her fans with her upcoming film, Hacked. The stalker thriller is directed by Vikram Bhatt and features Rohan Shah as the antagonist hacker who is just 19 and falls in love with a woman much older than him, played by Hina Khan.

After Hina Khan’s refuses his love, Rohan’s character decides to take the revenge using his hacking skills and he turns Hina Khan’s life into a nightmare. The trailer shows Hina Khan in some steamy intimate scenes as well, and Rohan threatens Hina Khan to share her intimate photos on internet too.
Will Hina Khan win against her lover who hacked her life? We will find out on 7th Feb 2020. However, the trailer ends Rohan saying that he wanted to marry Hina Khan, but now he will use her for sex.

The film shines light on some very concerning and important topics about how technology can be so dangerous and ow one should be safe when going online.

Even if audience don’t want to watch this stalker thriller, they will surely watch it to see Hina Khan in some intimate bedroom scenes… that’s why makers of the film seemed to be focused more on that.