Joker actor, Joaquin Phoenix wins hearts along with the best actor trophy at SAG awards.

Joker actor, Joaquin Phoenix pays tribute to Heath Ledger – wins the internet with his best actor’s award acceptance speech at SAG awards.

joaquin phoenix sag award speech pays tribute to heath ledger
Joaquin Phoenix speech at SAG awards – pays tribute to Heath Ledger

Joaquin Phoenix gave one of the best performances of his career in 2019, when he played the role of Arthur Fleck (Joker) in the movie Joker. As the movie was released, everyone knew he will be bagging all the trophies for best actor awards and he did so at SAG awards.

The actor gave a very touching speech as he accepted the award. The 45-year-old started his speech by praising Titanic actor, Leonardo DiCaprio for being an inspiration for past 25 years and he also praised the hard work of The Dark Knight actor, Christian Bale.
Before Joaquin, Heath Ledger got much appreciation and love for his portrayal of Joker in the The Dark Knight, for which he won an Oscar award as well, and after that no one could do a better Joker. Ledger died in 2008 after accidental overdose. Phoenix finished his speech by paying his tribute to the late actor and saying how he is standing on the shoulders of Heath Ledger.