Watch Sanjay Mishra comedy with Shah Rukh Khan.

Kaamyaab actor, Sanjay Mishrat’s comedy with Shah Rukh Khan – watch this funny video of this brilliant actor.

sanjay mishra comedy with shah rukh khan in award show
Sanjay Mishra’s best comedy with Shah Rukh Khan | photo : pinterest

Sanjay Mishrat is currently in news with his upcoming film titled, Kaamyaab, which is based on the story of an actor from being an ‘extra’ in the film to something extraordinary. The brilliant actor of Indian cinema has been known to many for his comic characters in movies like Golmaal and Dhamaal 

Sanjay also showed his comic timing on stage with Shah Rukh Khan in an award show. SRK is also the producer of Kaamyaab and the duo go back years as Sanjay’s first job in acting also started with Shah Rukh Khan in the film Oh Darling Yeh Hai India, Sanjay played the role of a Harmonium Man.
Sanjay Mishra’s has been listed as one of the finest actors of indian cinema who has entertained fans through comedy as well as some very intense roles like in Masaan and Ankho Dekhi.