Will Smith’s this video will inspire you to stay home during Coronavirus outbreak.

Will Smith shared a video that will motivate you to stay home as Coronavirus makes governments to lock down the cities.

will smith stay home motivational video
Will Smith ‘Stay Home’ workout video | photo : instagram/willsmith

Hollywood actor, Will Smith, shared a video on his official Instagram to encourage and inspire people to stay home as Corona is the biggest threat in the world right now and the only way to fight this deadly virus is to keep social distancing and stay home.

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The shared video features this Hollywood’s legend working out in his home and flexing his muscles. While many women are going gaga over Will Smith’s fit body, men have also got inspired to stay home and keep working out or find something that makes them happy doing at home.

The actor posted a video telling when Shakespears was quarantined he wrote King Lear. 

In these tough times of Covid-19 oubreak, Governments across the globe are locking down the cities, announcing curfews or simply pleading their citizens to stay home and understand the this situation and not take it as a joke.
Many famous personalities and celebrities are doing their best to inform their followers and fans about the safety precautions and encouraging them to stay home. Will Smith has also done the same and as he is known for his unique videos on social media, he didn’t disappoint his fans this time either.