Karishma Sharma shared Coronavirus spoof video, gets trolled.

Ragini MMS Returns actress, Karishma Sharma shared a spoof video about Coronavirus, fans don’t find it funny and troll her.

karishma sharma coronavirus spoof video trolled
Karishma Sharma’s Coronavirus spoof video, actress get trolled | photo : instagram/karishmasharma22

Karishma Sharma, the actress who rose to fame with the web series Ragini MMS Returns, has shared a spoof funny video inspired by Coronavirus news, but netizens don’ find it funny. The 26-year-old gets trolled and received bad comments from her followers on Instagram.

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The video is a spoof showing a news anchor talking about a deadly virus coming in India, sound serious, right? but soon the anchor reveals the virus is none other than the actress Karishma Sharma. The anchor goes on to explain more how this virus is walking around us and once it enters our hearts, it’s hard to get rid of it. The photo of Karishma Sharma is also shown behind the news anchor on a monitor.
While other celebrity friends of Karishma Sharma liked the video finding it funny, netizens don’t agree and finds it stupid. Many people expressed their views about the videos commenting on it while other said they are un-following the actress for such post as well.
Check out what the netizens said about Karishma Sharma Coronavirus spoof video.