15 unknown facts about Kaley Cuoco aka Penny from The Big Bang Theory

Did you know Kaley Cuoco’s girl crush is Jennifer Aniston? Here are 15 interesting facts about Kaley Cuoco aka Penny from The Big Bang Theory.

facts about Kaley Cuoco
facts about Kaley Cuoco | photo : The Big Bang Theory
Kaley Cuoco is one of the most beautiful and popular TV actress right now. Popularly known as Penny, the character she plays on the hit American sit com – The Big Bang Theory, has become everyone’s crush. The 33-year-old actress has women a number of awards for her performances in many TV shows as well. The Big Bang Theory is in it’s 12 season now and its the final one. Here are some interesting unknown facts about Kaley Cuoco.
15 ) Kaley Cuoco is a big fan of Jennifer Aniston. In a talk show Cuoco revealed that FRIENDS was her favorite show and she is a big fan of Jennifer Aniston. The actress finally got to meet Aniston.
Kaley Cuoco facts
photo : The Big Bang Theory
14 ) In 2010 Kaley got injured and broke her leg. She missed two episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but she came back and it was made sure that he lower body stays hidden behind tables, desk or any kind of props to hide the injury.
13 ) Kaley was ranked 24th on the list of highest paid TV American TV star. According to reports, the actress get $900,000 per episode.
12 ) To release her stress, Kaley plays drums.
 Kaley Cuoco in black outfit best moment
Kaley Cuoco in black outfit best moment | photo : The Big Bang Theory. 
11 ) Kaley has a tattoo on her lowerback which is a symbol of faith in Chinese.
10 ) Kaley was home-schooled and received her high school degree at the age of 16.
9 ) Kaley is a vegetarian.
8 ) Kaley is the second actress to play Penny in The Big Bang Theory. That’s right! In the pilot of the sit com Amanda Walsh played the character and the name of the character was Kate not Penny too.
7 ) Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki (who plays Leonard in The Big Bang Theory) dated for two years.
Kaley Cuoco facts and best moments.
Leonard and penny | photo : The Big Bang Theory.
6 ) The Big Bang Theory is very popular all over the world even in prison so the actress gets a lot of prison fan mail as well.
5 ) Kaley Cuoco started her acting career at the young age of 7, she played Connie Reinhardt in 1992 TV movie, Quicksand : The Escape.

4 ) Kaley is really goot at Tennis, it’s one of the things that keeps her in such good shape and healthy.
Kaley Cuoco facts
Kaley Cuoco in red dress | photo : pinterest
3 ) Kaley is an animal lover specially horses. She and her husband Karl Cook adopted a dwarf horse as well. Kaley is also associated with many charities including Friends of Animals and Animal Avengers.
2 ) Kaley Cuoco played little Ellen in Ellen DeGeneres’ show Ellen.
1 ) Kaley Cuoco appeared with short hair in a season of The Big Bang Theory. Kaley wanted to cut her hair but couldn’t because of her character having long hair in the show. However after 7th season, she did cut her hair and the makers of the show incorporated that in coming seasons of the show.