5 best Indian YouTube Channels.

Here are 5 best YouTube channels of India which are highly creative, popular and brings the best content.

5 best Indian Youtube Channels
Top 5 Indian Youtube Channels | photo : BB Ki Vines.

YouTube has become a huge platform to show your talent and creativity. While there is a race going on between T-series and Pewdiepie to be the most subscribed channel on Youtube. These 5 Indian YouTube channels has been creating some of the best content. These are the YouTubers who are not just popular or viral, but they are giving competition to TV and Bollywood as well. Lets check them out.

5 ) Son of Abish – Abish Mathew.

Son of Abish by Abish Mathew | photo : Hotstar.

Abish Mathew is a stand-up comedian and YouTuber. While every other YouTuber is making comedy sketches, mimicking famous people or using offensive language to make jokes, Abish brought something new with the show titled Son Of Abish. The second season of the show is on now that only proves that people do love this show. Son Of Abish is a Talk show with kind of similar concept like Hollywood’s Late Night Talk Shows or Conan O’Brien’s show. There are many channels where celebrities come to talk and promote their films, but none come close to this talk show – Son Of Abish. The show is now on Hotstar as well.

4 ) Film Companion.

 Film Companion best youtube channel about film critic and film making
Film Companion best youtube channel about film critic and film making | photo : film companion

Film Companion is created by film journalist, author and film critic, Anupama Chopra. The channel has a lot of content to offer. Film reviews, Postmortem, Cheat Sheet are some of the best series from the channel. The channel is not just about reviewing movies but it’s about educating you and helping you learn more about film making. FC Unfiltered is another good series to know more about your favorite celebrity.

3 ) BB Ki Vines.

Best Indian youtube channel BB ki vines
Bhuvan Bam performing in BB Ki Vines | photo : BB kI Vines.

Created by Bhuvan Bam, BB Ki Vines has become the most subscribed Indian channel by an Individual content creator. BB Ki Vines created simple videos with good comedic content in Hindi language. The channel went viral and Bhuvan Bam got more projects as well. He got featured in a short film titled Plus Minus and released his music video. Bhuvan Bam has created some popular characters like Sameer Fuddi, Titu Mama and Masterjee.

2 ) AIB.

best indian youtube channel AIB
AIB’s Honest series | photo : AIB

AIB may seem less popular today, but these are the guys who kind of brought YouTube to a new level with the comedy sketches. Their Honest series was highly appreciated and loved and can be termed as pioneer of bringing new content to Indian audience on YouTube. AIB was founded by Tanmay Bhatt and Gursimran Khamba.

1 ) TVF – The Viral Fever.

best youtube channel TVF
Permanent Roommates from TVF | photo : TVF

TVF has completely changed the whole meaning of YouTube in India. Its not about just anyone making simple videos, TVF became a production house providing good content with great editing skills as well. TVF has a number of great actors associated with them and they have number of series that are loved by millions. Permanent Roomnates, Bachelors, Tech Conversation with Dad and Pitchers. They are trully bringing YouTube content to a new level. TSP is also just another channel of them.

Special mention to other good channels – Dice media, Filter Copy, The Timeliners and many more.

Technical Guruji and Mumbaikar Nikhil deserve a seperate list about Tech and Vloggers on Youtube.

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