Big promotions & Bad movies of Bollywood – Love Aaj Kal, Housefull 4, Dabangg 3.

Bollywood movies which relied on big promotional strategies rather than having a good story or acting – Big promotions of bad films is the new thing in Bollywood.

big promotion of bad bollywood films love aaj kal dabangg
Bad Bollywood films with big promotiona strategy | photo : pinterest
Every film/tv show or web series needs a good promotional strategy to do well and earn money. While good quality movies eventually find their audience and get appreciated, bad films are solely relied on these big marketing strategies. 
Film like Masan, Ankhon Dekhi, Udaan and Gangs of Wasseypur didn’t get the kind of promotion they deserved which resulted in not doing well at the box office, but still these films are listed as the best films in past decade.
But big studios who make commercial cinema seems to be more depended on how well they can market and sell a movie.With weak or sometimes no script and bad acting, these movies still recover the money and sometimes goes on to be blockbusters. 
Big promotional strategy for week films seems to be the new trending thing in Bollywood. While a creative promotional strategy seems good for a film, but a non-creative way and the stars of the film just making appearance almost every public event, YouTube channel and social media screams that the movie is too bad to stand on its own.
Here are a few films which showed how big studios and A-list stars will do anything to sell a movie and yet if the film is bad… then it’s bad for real.

1. Love Aaj Kal.

bollywood bad films love aaj kal
In past couple of months, I don’t think there is any YouTube channel, social media influencer or any news media tabloid left where Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan didn’t appear to promote their film, which eventually turned out to be a not so good film. Loud and annoying conversations and giving out vibes of blooming rumored relationship between Sara and Kartik couldn’t make the movie look good because it lacked the chemistry between the lead pair and not to mention the acting skills for which Sara Ali Khan was trolled heavily as well.

2. Housefull 4.

bollywood bad films housefull 4
Housefull 4 tried a new thing where they go on a train journey with a number of news media reporters and shared photos and videos on social media. The huge cast of the film went on popular TV shows to promote their films as well as starting the bala challenge, but when the film came out many wanted their money back. 

3. Dabangg 3.

bollywood bad films dabangg 3
Dabangg 3 was Salman’s most awaited film and it disappointed everyone included some true fans of Salman as well. The film was promoted heavily everywhere and the filmmakers released videos of Salman Khan in Chulbul Panday’s character promoting the film. But the film made with a script by Salman Khan and directed by Prabhudeva couldn’t please the critics and the fate of Chulbul Panday seemed to be in danger as well.
Bollywood films would be better if the film makers paid and gave more credits to writers with original stories and took their chances on new talented actors rather than going with a less talented star.