Bollywood actors who can’t be replaced – Shah Rukh Khan.

NO ONE! can replace Shah Rukh Khan – the most popular actor on earth, the biggest romantic hero in Bollywood and the king of entertainment.

shah rukh khan bollywood actors who can not be replaced
Why Shah Rukh Khan can’t be replaced | photo : swades.

Everyday new faces join Bollywood hoping to become the next superstar. One big hit of a new comer and they are instantly compared to an old actor who has give 20-30 or more years of their life in this Industry – which is just nonsense. But no matter how many times the media and fans compare the two actors, some actors are just too hard to replace and that’s what this series is all about – here we are talking about Indian artist who seems to be irreplaceable. 

Shah Rukh Khan.

Lets start the list with the biggest and most popular actor on earth – Shah Rukh Khan. With a fan following in billions across the globe, SRK has been ruling the hearts of his fans for past three decades. Described as the biggest romantic hero in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan has shown his amazing acting skills in movies like Swades, My Name Is Khan and Chak De! proving that given the chance, he can deliver some great performance, and not just open up his arms and woo the women.

Why Shah Rukh Khan can’t be replaced?

Shah Rukh Khan crying scene in Devdas.

It has been 30 years and no actor has ever presented romance on screen like Shah Rukh Khan did. No actor has cried for her loved like SRK did in Devdas, Chalte Chalte, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and Kal Ho Na Ho, so even if we talk about just the romance part, SRK seems irreplaceable. 

shah rukh khan best negative role as a villain in darr
Shah Rukh Khan as a villain in Darr.
However, SRK is much more than an actor – He is one of the most intelligent minds in Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan made people love him in negative characters of Baazigar, Darr and Anjaam as well. 
zero ra one shah rukh khan's flop best films
Ra. One and Zero poster
Taking big risks like Ra. One, Fan and ZERO, Shah Rukh Khan proved how he isn’t afraid to try something new and raise the standard of Bollywood at his own expenses because he produced ZERO and Ra. One were produced by Shah Rukh Khan as well.
shah rukh khan in fauji
Shah Rukh Khan in Fauji.

Shah Rukh Khan also comes from a theater and TV background, which is rare to see in many new actors (apart from some TV actors who are doing character roles or minor appearances but not lead roles).

Shah Rukh Khan at Cannes film festival
Shah Rukh Khan at Cannes in 2002. 

Shah Rukh Khan achieved Global fame when there was no Netflix or YouTube. Today, with the help of countless digital platform, PR team and thousands of media tabloids writing about you, actors are unable to make that impact and gain a fan following like SRK has.

shah rukh khan with his die hard fan
Shah Rukh Khan spent an hour with his die hard fan.

He is the most popular actor in the world, second richest actor in the world and yet he is so humble and makes you feel special when you are with him (as said by a top film journalist) no matter if you are a co-star, a film maker, an interviewer or a fan.

shah rukh khan hugh jackman
Shah Rukh Khan with Wolverine actor, Hugh Jackman.

While many Bollywood stars dream to work in Hollywood, many compromised their status and did minor roles while others did pretty well, Shah Rukh Khan is one of the very few actors with whom many Hollywood actors and filmmakers have expressed their wish to work with.

Shah Rukh Khan ted talk

One of the biggest part of an actor’s job is to entertain and Shah Rukh Khan never fails to do so. He is also not just limited to films to entertain his fans and audience. Whether it’s a public event, an award show, a motivational speech at an international university, an interview or anything – he will entertain you, which is a quality I haven’t seen in any other star in Bollywood.