5 popular Australian plus size models known for their curvy body.

la'tecia thomas australian plus size models

Australian plus size models who gained much popularity and spreads body positivity vibes on social media – these Aussie ladies wowed fans with their curvy body. Plus size models has changed the fashion Industry in past few years, and their bigger impact is on society for creating a body positivity vibe on social media where … Read more

11 best plus size models raising the heat with fine curves.

plus size model curvy body

Best and popular plus size models who has been ruling the social media with their fashion game, stunning looks and fine curves. photo : instagram   Women have become more positive about their natural body and feel confident about it instead of going after the typical standard defined by beauty and fashion brands for years … Read more

Extremely thin models banned in France

france bans thin models

France has passed a new law in modeling industry. According to the law the models can’t be extremely thin. They would have to provide a doctor’s certificate attesting their physical health and body mass index (BMI) – a measure of weight in relation to height. Photo : Stephanie Honoré If a company/brand manipulates a model’s photos to … Read more

What is Miss Bum Bum?

what is miss bum bum

Miss Bum Bum is an annual contest/pageant show in Brazil for the most beautiful and perfect derriere (butt) in the country. Photo : Miss Bum Bum (left to right : Ana Paula Saad, Daiana Fegueredo and Pamella Michelinny) Here are the winners from it’s previous shows. Erika Canela (Miss Bum Bum 2016) Foto da campanha do novo … Read more

Top 10 Victoria’s Secret Angels – 10 most beautiful and stunning angels of Victoria’s Secret.

top 10 victoria secret models

Top 10 best and most beautiful Victoria’s Secret angels/models – Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova and who else? Top 10 victoria’s secret angels/models Victoria’s Secret Angels, a status that every model dreams of. They are hot, sexy and beautiful. Though it’s not just their expensive lingerie that they wear on ramp, but their confident … Read more