ULLU app Riti Riwaj web series – All actresses names, photos and Instagram. Full cast of Riti Riwaj.

Full cast of ULLU App’s Riti Riwaj web series – All Episodes actresses names, photos and Instagram. 

ullu app riti riwaj actress name instagram full cast
Ullu app – Riti Riwaj – all actresses full cast | photo : Instagram @mahikamlarock @anupamaprakash_official @hansi_parmar

Riti Riwaj is an Indian web series on ULLU App which features different stories based on various ‘customs and rituals’ going on in various societies of India. Riti Riwaj emerged as one of the most popular web series on Ullu App featuring some of the most beautiful actresses. So if you have also searched for the full cast, list of actresses and real names of Riti Riwaj web series actresses then this article will help you.

5 episodes of Riti Riwaj web series have come out and here is the full female cast of each episode:

1. Riti Riwaj – Episode 1 – Water Wives full cast.

Actress Sanni Singh as Shanta.
Instagram : @sunny_singh8328
Actress Payal as Beena.
Instagram : 2_diarra
Actress Ankita Bhattacharya  as Maya.
Instagram: @cutyanki

 2. Riti Riwaj – Episode 2 – Love Festival Full cast.

Actress Khushi Mukherjee  as Kalki.
Instagram: @khushi_mukherjee

Actress Manvi Chugh as Jaya.
Instagram: @manviminiangel

Actress Supriya Shukla  as Hema. 
Instagram : @supriya1516

3. Riti Riwaj – Episode 3 – Wife on Rent full cast.

Actress Hansi Parmar  as Kusum.
Instagram : @hansi_parmar

Actress Payal Gupta as Rani.
Instagram: @guptainji

4. Riti Riwaj – Episode 4 – Tijarat Full cast.

Actress Anupama Prakash as Tara.
Instagram: @anupama_prakash_17

5. Riti Riwaj – Episode 5 – Haldi Full cast.

Actress Swati Agarwal as Smita.
Instagram : @ettuswati1
Actress Monika Chouhan as Anushka.
Instagram: @im.monikka

6. Riti RIwaj Episode 6 – Pinjara. 

Actress Mahi Kamla plays the role of Sister In Law.
Instagram: @iammishtibasu

Actress Mishti Basu plsu the role of New Bride/bhabhi.
Instagram : @mahikamlarock

7. Riti Riwaj – Taala Chaabi

Actress Anushka Srivastava plays the role of bride to be married.
Instagram: @realanushkasrivastava

8. Riti Riwaj – Mann Marzi.

Actress Priya Mishra played the role of Ashifa (Bhabhi).
Instagram: @priyamishra4073

Actress Gehna Vasishth played the role of sister-in-law named Nargis.

Instagram: @gehana_vasisth

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