Gully Boy rapper Divine disappoints his fans with this interview.

Divine talks about Bohemia, Honey Singh and Badshah – many people disappointed with Gully Boy rapper’s interview.

divine rapper talks about bohemia honey singh badshah
Divine talks about Bohemia, Honey Singh and Badshah | photo : instagram/vivianakadivine

Divine has been climbing the ladder of success post his popularity skyrocketing after the release of Gully Boy. However, one of his interview where Divine talks about mainstream rappers like Honey Singh and Badshah along with legendary Bohemia upsets many rap lovers.

In one of his interview, Divine mentioned the rappers he likes which included a few underground rappers and in mainstream he said he like Raftaar and Badshah. The rapper went on to say he likes Bohemia but he doesn’t have that spark anymore. Divine said he liked Bohemia’s old song but the power he has, Bohemia used to have it but not anymore, which upset many of Bohemia fans because he considered a legend in Indo-Pak rap music.
Divine also dissed Honey Singh saying he doesn’t like songs and rap about women, alcohol and cars, which again upset some fans because he praised Badshah who is not very different from Honey Singh.