Gully Boy rapper Divine disappoints his fans with this interview.

divine rapper talks about bohemia honey singh badshah

Divine talks about Bohemia, Honey Singh and Badshah – many people disappointed with Gully Boy rapper’s interview. Divine talks about Bohemia, Honey Singh and Badshah | photo : instagram/vivianakadivine Divine has been climbing the ladder of success post his popularity skyrocketing after the release of Gully Boy. However, one of his interview where Divine talks … Read more

Watch Divine’s new rap song ‘Gandhi Money’ – Gully Boy rappers delivers another good song.

Divine gandhi money indian rap song

Gully Boy rapper, Divine, releases new song titled Gandhi Money – Beautifully shot music video while Divine rhymes about money. Divine’s new song Gandhi Money is out now | photo : youtube Indian rapper, Divine, who shot to fame with Gully Boy is here with his new song titled Gandhi Money. The rapper talks about … Read more

Top 10 original popular Bollywood songs of 2019.

bollywood original popular songs of 2019

10 best original and popular songs of Bollywood in 2019 – composers and singers who didn’t follow the trend of remake and gave something original. Original best songs of Bollywood in 2019 2019 wasn’t a musical year for Bollywood. With so many remix and remakes of old classic songs, 90s music or from sufi music, … Read more