Watch Divine’s new rap song ‘Gandhi Money’ – Gully Boy rappers delivers another good song.

Gully Boy rapper, Divine, releases new song titled Gandhi Money – Beautifully shot music video while Divine rhymes about money.

Divine gandhi money indian rap song
Divine’s new song Gandhi Money is out now | photo : youtube

Indian rapper, Divine, who shot to fame with Gully Boy is here with his new song titled Gandhi Money. The rapper talks about the importance of money and how the wrong use of it can be dangerous.

Produced by Gully Boy film director, Zoya Akhtar’s production company Tiger Baby Productions, the song is written by Divine himself while composed along with Phenom.
Gandhi Money is another single from Divine’s debut album Kohinooor whose title track has crossed 25 millions on YouTube.
Divine has become one of the best and top rappers of Indian who inspired Zoya Akhtar to make a movie based on his and a fellow rapper Naezy’s life.
The rapper also just received recognition at Filmfare awards 2020 for music and lyrics in Gully Boy film.