When Joey Tribbiani shared food on FRIENDS – do you remember?

Remember FRIENDS episode when Joey Tribbiani shared his sandwich with his friend?

joey shared food friends
Best funny Joey Tribbiani moments | photo : youtube

“Joey doesn’t share food”, you know this even if you are not one crazy fan of the show – Friends.

The phrase Joey doesn’t share food became as popular as We were on a break, and has given us some of the best moment from FRIENDS including the one where Joey’s date goes horribly wrong after he doesn’t share his food with his date but when she goes to use the restroom, Joey eats her cake and goes, ‘I am not even sorry’.

But there was one moment when Joey actually did share his food…

Remember the episode when three boys – Joey, Chandler and Ross goes out with Phoebe’s cop boyfriend and they mistook a car backfire with a bullet fired at them. Joey siting in the middle of Ross and Chandler in the backseat
leans over to Ross hearing the bullet sound. Chandler feels bad that Joey went on to save Ross instead of him.

When Joey and Chandler goes back home, Joey explains that he wasn’t trying to save ross but his sandwich which was next to Ross and just to show how much Chandler really means to Joey, he offers his ‘best sandwich in the
world’ to Chandler. However, as Chandler goes to take a second bite of the sandwich, Joey stops him going back to ‘Joey doesn’t share foor’.

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