7 best guest actresses in FRIENDS tv show.

friends tv show guest actresses

Here are 7 best guest actresses in Friends TV show who won the fans with their brief roles. 1. Reese Witherspoon as Jill Green. Appeared in Season 6 as Rachel’s spoiled younger sister who briefly dates Ross. 2. Christina Applegate as Amy Green. Played Rachel’s other sister in Season 9, who competes with Rachel over … Read more

When Joey Tribbiani shared food on FRIENDS – do you remember?

joey shared food friends

Remember FRIENDS episode when Joey Tribbiani shared his sandwich with his friend? Best funny Joey Tribbiani moments | photo : youtube “Joey doesn’t share food”, you know this even if you are not one crazy fan of the show – Friends. The phrase Joey doesn’t share food became as popular as We were on a break, and has given … Read more

10 times Jennifer Aniston flaunted her beautiful legs – see pics.

jennifer aniston legs show best photos

Jennifer Aniston has got beautiful legs so here here are 10 best moments when this Hollywood actress flaunted her legs. Jennifer Aniston best legs show pics | photo : NBC, CBS and InStyle Jennifer Aniston rose to fame with the immense popularity of the TV sitcom – FRIENDS. The 49 years old actress moved to Hollywood … Read more

5 smartest things Joey Tribbiani did on the show Friends.

smartest best moments of Joey tribbiani in FRIENDS tv show

5 smartest things Joey Tribbiani did in the show Friends – Best moments of Joey Tribbiani. Smartest best moments of Joey Tribbiani | photo : FRIENDS Joey Tribbiani, the dim character from the show Friends is everyone’s favorite. The big foodie and womanizer, Tribbiani is known for being goofy and idiotic. Matt LeBlanc (the actor … Read more