When Joey Tribbiani shared food on FRIENDS – do you remember?

joey shared food friends

Remember FRIENDS episode when Joey Tribbiani shared his sandwich with his friend? Best funny Joey Tribbiani moments | photo : youtube “Joey doesn’t share food”, you know this even if you are not one crazy fan of the show – Friends. The phrase Joey doesn’t share food became as popular as We were on a break, and has given … Read more

5 smartest things Joey Tribbiani did on the show Friends.

smartest best moments of Joey tribbiani in FRIENDS tv show

5 smartest things Joey Tribbiani did in the show Friends – Best moments of Joey Tribbiani. Smartest best moments of Joey Tribbiani | photo : FRIENDS Joey Tribbiani, the dim character from the show Friends is everyone’s favorite. The big foodie and womanizer, Tribbiani is known for being goofy and idiotic. Matt LeBlanc (the actor … Read more