5 smartest things Joey Tribbiani did on the show Friends.

5 smartest things Joey Tribbiani did in the show Friends – Best moments of Joey Tribbiani.

smartest best moments of Joey tribbiani in FRIENDS tv show
Smartest best moments of Joey Tribbiani | photo : FRIENDS

Joey Tribbiani, the dim character from the show Friends is everyone’s favorite. The big foodie and womanizer, Tribbiani is known for being goofy and idiotic. Matt LeBlanc (the actor who played Joey Tribbiani) was actually the one, who suggested the creators of the show to make the character of Joey Tribbiani a little dim. However, there were many moments when Joey Tribbiani proved that he is smart and sometimes smarter than the rest of the characters on Friends.

Here are 5 smartest things Joey tribbiani did on the show:

5. When he remember the fact about Jellyfish from a discovery show on TV.

friends - joey - jellyfish
Image credit : FRIENDS

In the episode The one with the Jellyfish, Monica, Joey and Chandler were on the beach when Monica gets stung by a Jellyfish. Being miles away from their resort and Monica not being able to walk, Joey proved how smart he was when he suggested a cure for Monica’s pain which he remembered from some discovery channel on TV.

4. When Joey unlocked the car.

Joey unlocks the car - the one without the ski trip
Image credit : FRIENDS
In the episode The one without the ski trip, after the break up of Ross and Rachel, everyone decides to go on a ski trip with Rachel. On their way when they pull in so Chandler could use the restroom, Rachel accidentally closes the door of the cab with keys inside the car. Joey’s sharp mind comes to rescue when he asks Phoebe for the wire from her bra to unlock the car door and he succeeds.

3. When Joey and Ross are stuck on the roof.

Joey and Ross stuck on the roof
Image credit : FRIENDS
In the episode The One Where They’re Up All Night, Joey and Ross get stuck on the room. Ross looses his mind and start yelling for help but not Joey. Mr. Tribbiani stays calm and suggests Ross to go down the fire escape. 

2. When Chandler borrows money from Joey.

Joey's smartest move
Image credit : FRIENDS
In the episode The one with the b**b job, It’s the Chandler who needs to borrow money from Joey usually we see the vice-versa. Monica and Chandler both try to borrow the money from Joey, not letting each other know about it, so when Joey has to keep a secret… it is a big challenge. However, Joey’s mind surely worked faster in the episode and he ended up praising himself for thinking so quick, when he almost revealed Monica’s secret to Chandler.

1. Joey turns the radiator off.

friends joey turns off the radiator
Image credit : FRIENDS

In the episode The One With Phoebe’s Dad, Monica and Rachel throws a Christmas party but when Ross breaks the knob of the radiator, things started to heat up. Ross tries to bribe Mr. Treegar to get the knob fixed but it doesn’t work. Then Joey Tribbiani walks in and puts everyone to shame. He turns the radiator off from underneath as the knob was broken.
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