Most National Awards winning actress – 5 best films.

Shabana Azmi is the most national Awards winning actress in ‘Best actress’ category – check out for which films she was honored.

Shabana Azmi has been one of the finest actresses of Indian cinema. While Bollywood film awards these days has lost all their credibility and National Film Awards have also been questioned for past few wins, there was a time when these awards did represent an actor’s achievements and caliber.

In that era when winning only one National Film Awards could raise your status as an actor, Shabana Azmi went on to win five awards including three consecutive wins – a record she still holds.

Here are the films which made Shabana Azmi the most National Awards winning actress.

Ankur – 1975.

Arth – 1983.

Khandhar – 1984.

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Paar – 1985.

Godmother – 1999.

Photos source : pinterest.