8 multi-talented Bollywood celebrites.

8 multi talented bollywood celebrities

8 Bollywood celebrities who are multi-talented, they can sing, act, direct, write and more. Ayushmann Khurrana is one of the multi-talented Bollywood celebrites | photo : GQ While some major in one craft, some are blessed with multiple talents. These 8 Bollywood celebrities also have multiple talents to wow their fans. They don’t just do … Read more

Who is Iqbal Masih, The little hero?

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Iqbal Masih, The Little Hero, was a little boy. However, what he did wasn’t little. Born in 1983 in Pakistan, Iqbal became a symbol of abusive child labor in this developing world. He was just four years old when his parents sold him for 600 rupees to a local employer, who owned some carpet weaving business. … Read more

Top 5 advertising jingles

Indian TV always have some best commercials in the word which are so hard to resist and forget. Here are out top five picks for best advertising jingles that are still stuck in our minds : Action Ka School Time Amul Milk Classic Supreme Toothbrush MDH masale Washing Powder Nirma

Noor Trailer feat. Sonakshi Sinha – Review

The official trailer of Sonakshi Sinha’s next film NoorΒ is out. It is based on a Pakistani author’s novel Karachi, You’re Killing me!. The film is directed by Sunhil Sippy. The first half and second half of the trailer is totally different, it’s like watching trailer of two different movies. Sonakshi’s acting is okay. The film … Read more