Watch this rare old video of Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif rare 11 year-old-video – watch this Bollywood actress talking to two cute little girls behind the scene.

katrina kaif rare old video bollywood actress
Bollywood actress, Katrina Kaif rare old video | photo : youtube

Katrina Kaif has been working in Bollywood for past almost 20 years and here is a video of her which is like 11 years old. While the actress is known to look perfect in every frame of her scenes or any public appearance, this video shows Katrina in a wet white saree and having a towel wrapped around her.

The video appears to be from shooting of the movie De Dana Dan and Katrina seems to be on the sets of the song Gale Lag Ja, as she wore similar white saree in the song as well.
Katrina is seen interacting and talking to two little girls who appears to be her niece or daughters of a friend, as Katrina has three elder sisters and in the video you can hear someone tell the girls address Katrina as Aunty.
Katrina originally comes from London and has seven siblings including 3 elder sisters, 3 younger sisters and 1 brother.